Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to chat locally without Internet using FireChat.

FireChat is a very interesting app, which allows you to chat with people near you without needing any internet connection. FireChat was first launched for iPhone. It was from the early adapters of ios 7's Multipeer Connectivity framework. Using that framework your app can use the local mesh network created by iphones to chat. Android version of the same app has also been launched. It is not quite the same, it features different interface. Functionally they are same. There are not any per-fabricated libraries or framework on mesh network like apples Multipeer Technology, but Open Garden the founder company of firechat has long worked with mesh networks for sharing connections. It is using that knowledge to run firechat on android. Initially android network can transmit data to about 30 feet, but due to the multi hop technology of firechat it allows us to cover a far wide range if used by enough number of people. it is widely used in countries like Brazil, Spain, Taiwan and chile. It has following features:
  • Sends instant message to anyone around network.
  • You can chat with group or single person.
  • You can switch to Everyone mode to see what people are talking about.
  • You can also create conversion private to people around you using Nearby mode.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How to: Find UDID of your Apple device

UDID is 40 character long hex character string. It is unique to each ios device which can be used as the identifier of your device. You can find UDID of your device from either Xcode or iTunes store.
  1. Find UDID Using Xcode:
    • Connect Your Device with your mac.
    • Open Xcode
    • Navigate to window> Organizer
    • You should see your UDID
    • Double click and press command+c to copy
  2. Find UDID Using iTunes Store
    • Connect Your Device with your mac.
    • Open iTunes Store
    • Select your ios device from "Devices" section, and open summary tab
    • Click "Serial Number" and you will see Identifier field with 40 hex character UDID
    • Select UDID and press command+c to copy

How to : Install ios 8 Beta in your iDevice.

Apple has introduced ios 8 at WWDC 2014 keynote address, it includes a number of improvements and many new features like third party keyboards support, interactive notification and widgets in notification center. if you are member of ios Developer program than you can install the beta version of ios 8 on your i-device. Here are some points before starting,
  • You should be the member of Apple's ios developer program(costs $99 a year).
  • You must be careful because it is still in beta hence may contain many bugs.
  • ios 8 beta is compatible with following devices
    • iPhone 4S,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5,iPhone 5C
    • iPad Aid,Retina ipad mini, ipad retina display,ipad 2 and ipad mini
    • 5th Generation Ipod touch
  • Open your ios Dev account
  • open Certificates, identifiers and profile from sidebar
  • Click Device and select + button to add device
  • Enter UDID of your ios device.(find it how?)
  • You will be prompted to review details, click register and finish registration process
Download iOS
  • Open Dev center
  • Select iOS beta tab and download ios 8 beta for your device
  • After downloading extract zip file and extract .ipsw file
  • Use latest version of iTunes store
Install iOS 8 Beta
  • Open iTunes store and connect your device.
  • Select your iOS device from top right and open summary tab.
  • Press Shift(Option in mac) and click update iphone/ipad/ipod touch.
  • Select ipsw file from previous steps and click open.
  • Click OK on prompted box.
  • Once done it will reboot and a Slider will appear with 'Slide to Upgrade tag', proceed.
  • It will again reboot and you will see welcome screen and some instructions will pop up
  • Follow it and you are done!!
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Legal issues releted to Cloud Computing and expandsion of Business

Cloud computing at its peak is considered the future of computing and business eco system. But there are some important leagality associated with cloud computing, and you must take care of some of important issues before signing up with any of the cloud vendor for your business.

The issues are genrally related to the businesses who want to shift to cloud based models for whole infrastructure but not for the small services like file sharing or saas.

1. The Actual Physical Location of Your data.
     As cloud computing hides the infrastructural details of the server you may not know in which country your data is situated. The actual location of data may raise the problem of legally handing over of data of country government.
    As a Customer, you must be knowing the Law of proviance. You should also make sure that if any dispute arises, what will be the place of jurisdiction or in simple words in case of dispute, which country law will be used to make settelment.
        For example,
                Let us say you own a Company in US, and you are running your cloud servers through   the cloud vendor of russia, who do host his servers in China. In the case of conflict you should know which will be the location of the legal battel. wheather it is US,China or russia, and also have you enough resources to get conflicts solved in that perticular jurisdiction(in case of different country than you are resident of).

2. Reliability and Safety of data
  Your data may be stored ont the vendor's data center at such a place witch is severely affected to the disater. They may be at some seismic zones where earthquack can be problem, or they may situated at some river bank where flood may create problem, they may be at most remote location where it is not easy to send backup team in case of system failure,what if system is attacted by some unknown virus etc. In such cases they must have some alternate mean of serving you data through duplicate content or backup.

 3. Client Privacy.
    If there is system failure or attack and privacy breach occures than there must be cyber experts to take over the situations. They may have the cyber insurance.  In case of  hacked server you must know what are the liability of the vendor and you as a client must be clear.

4. Intellectual rights:
       You must be sure of your data is protected under the IP(Intellectual property) rights. You should know the applicable IP rights laws of specific country and what steps can you make in case of infringed.
       Your analytical data about your organisations and also your competitor must be kept secret. Such the privileged info must be protected encrypted. They must provide you law enforcement against 3rd party in case of the leak of your business secret.
       Your data must not be handed over to 3rd party or analytical companies like advertisers or marketing units or survaying companies in any case. Vendor must provide some standard mean of contract.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tips to choose good domain name

".com" domain.
 If you want to get domain name, but it is not available, then you should opt for something like in place of or or .
country specific domain names like .us,.ru,.in,.cn etc creates restriction for your website.
many times .info and sites are considered spams. so keep it .com if possible

name should be short.
it is common practice to buy big unfriendly web domain names, rather domain name with 3-6 characters should be chose.
most probably all the good domain names with 3-4 characters are already booked. so choose good domain name with 5-6 character length.

your domain name should be easy to remember and share.
it should be shortest and easiest possible url.
For example choose onlineRetail rather than
which is long and dull and hard to remember exacyly.

related to niche
name should be related to your blog niche.