Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tips to choose good domain name

".com" domain.
 If you want to get domain name, but it is not available, then you should opt for something like in place of or or .
country specific domain names like .us,.ru,.in,.cn etc creates restriction for your website.
many times .info and sites are considered spams. so keep it .com if possible

name should be short.
it is common practice to buy big unfriendly web domain names, rather domain name with 3-6 characters should be chose.
most probably all the good domain names with 3-4 characters are already booked. so choose good domain name with 5-6 character length.

your domain name should be easy to remember and share.
it should be shortest and easiest possible url.
For example choose onlineRetail rather than
which is long and dull and hard to remember exacyly.

related to niche
name should be related to your blog niche.